Monday, October 15, 2018
Consolation Prize at Citra Terengganu 2018

My painting won the consolation prize in the live painting category at #CITRATERENGGANU2018 hosted by @muziumterengganu 

Its quite awesome to see my painting hanging in the museums gallery. Not sure how long it will be on display but all the winners art is there. Feeling grateful to be one of the winners in a competition full of amazing artist. Will share some of the winners pictures when I'm back. 

Thank you to the museum for playing such wonderful gracious hosts and helping wherever possible. And for the state to be supportive to the art community. The museum is the only one that hosts art competitions. Thanks for encouraging artists across Malaysia through the competition. 

Thank you to the judges as well. More than 140 people took part in both categories, the highest number in the history of the competition. 

The painting now becomes part of the museums collection and to be honest was a bit hard to say goodbye to it. 

I had a wonderful two days talking to the museum team and visitors who stopped by curious of my art. Thank you to all. 

Title: Gadis songket terengganu 
Size: 93x93cm

This is part of my reimagined human series which is an attempt to simplify the human figure and break down race and colour barriers by painting them in various shades of colours. She is wearing the
terengganu songket baju kurung teruk belanga. The background is the patterns from the famous terengganu wood carvings.

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Anak Merdeka Exhibition 2018

My art - Our Malaysia  -  was exhibited at Festival Anak Merdeka which was organised by Art Market Malaysia (AMM) @artmarketmalaysia at Damen mall in Subang Jaya.

The opening ceremony was officiated by the Deputy Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister YB Tuan Muhammad Bakhtiar bin Wan Chik. 

After the ceremony he graciously took his time to talk to the vendors and artists. I managed to explain the concept behind my reimagined human series and he immediately saw the message of Unity in my art. Thank you for your time sir. 

The exhibition and bazaar ran from 29th August to 16th Sept 2018. The exhibition also featured works by Autistic artists. 

Title: Our Malaysia 

Size: 30 x 24 inches

By Visithra Manikam

This is an art I’ve painted to symbolise Malaysians under my reimagined human series. My reimagined series is an attempt to simply the human figure and break down race and colour barriers by painting them in various shares of colours.

The only thing’s that identify their race would be their clothing but anyone can wear a Saree, Cheongsam or the Kebaya batik, and that is what is beautiful about Malaysia. So I leave the choice of deciding who is who as your choice. They can be anyone you want them to be.

The colours except the green of their skin, are from the Malaysian flag – Merah, putih, kuning, biru warnanya.

#vissyarts #damenmall #subangjaya #malaysianart #artmalaysia 
Champion for Doodle Fever on Cube - KL Gateway

Was named Champion for the Cube category for the Doodle Fever battle organised by Doodict and KL Gateway Mall. a total of 45 different amazing artist took part in day 2 for the cube painting. 43 others took part in the first day competition on the canvas boards. 

YB Fahmi Fadzil was not only the VIP for the event but graciously agreed to take a picture with me and my art.
Thank you to @klgatewaymall #myipo for the prizes. And thank you to @doodict Malaysia for such a well organised event.
Congratulations to all the winners and everyone that took part, glad to have met so many amazing artist.
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Friday, August 24, 2018
Padma Lokshana - The goddess that sees all

Title : Padma Lokshana - The goddess that sees all
Size : 1m x76cm
By Visithra Manikam 

When this idea came into my mind, the innitial idea was to symbolise memories. but while I was sketching her, i decided to draw a lotus as her head and the whole idea changed. Suddenly i had an image that i wasn't sure what off.
So while I was painting her I started researching the lotus symbolism beyond my own knowledge as a sacred symbol in Hinduism. The Lotus symbolises knowledge, abundance, wealth, sexuality and sprituality. Eyes are often refered to as padma lokshana - or the lotus shaped eyes. 

Yesterday morning I woke up to find her glowing, she was nearly completed and I could feel her soul to be precise and so I decided to search for the term lotus head goddess. 

Turns out I had envisioned and painted a combination of two goddess. The funny thing is, I have never seen or read about either goddess before I painted her. While I have always had a connection to the goddess since I pray to her, I think painting has opened me up to receive different images of Devi or Kali.
Lajja Gauri or Adya Shakti is an ancient form of the goddess  from the rig veda that represents fertility and sexuality and is portrayed with a lotus head, nude and promptly displaying the yoni as she symbolises the life giving mother.
The second goddess is Satakshi devi who is described in the Devi Mahatmayam where the goddess created numerous eyes on her body so that the earth which was suffering from a terrible drought will be covered in her tears that eventually turned into rivers to give life on earth. 

One of the reasons I keep painting nude plus size women is to normalise the female body and to stop the mentality that nudity or certain clothes have no place in our religion. Truthfully you have much to learn about Hinduism and many need to relearn how blouses, the concept of modesty, the shaming of the female body was introduced into the religion by Muslims and the British. 

Hinduism celebrates reproduction as it symbolises the creation of life and hence why our temple idols and walls are covered with sexual acts and symbols. One of the reasons I travel to differents parts of India so much is to understand the ancient symbols of Hinduism. I spend a lot of time studying sculptures on temple walls and musuems. 

Flip through to see actual idol of Lajja Gauri and you will be shocked but her symbol began vanishing with the invasion of the Mughals and the british. However her temples still exist, such as the Kamakhya temple and in the folklore of rural india. 

Statements such as this is not our culture or traditions or religion really needs to stop coz you really don't understand your own religion. And your ignorance is really deafening. 

To me her lotus head symbolises knowledge and its partial bloomed state represents the need for us to continuosly learn and question our ideas and thoughts to reach divinity. The fully bloomed lotus she holds symbolises the need to embrace our bodies and feminity and to blossom to our full potential. The eyes represent how knowledge and acceptance opens us to better understand ourselves in our journey to Mokhsa. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Pameran 50 - 50

4 of my art, the 3 wedding series and Dancing Malaysia under my reimagined human series  are currently on display at Masa Galeri in the M Suites Hotel in Johor Bahru under Hujung Art Residency. 

The exhibition, Pameran 50-50 is free to attend and will be there from 1 August to 9 September 2018.

The full list of artist are as below


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Friday, March 30, 2018
Wedding Series: Mappilai and Ponnu

For the Hindu Malaysian Indians, the wedding couple are called Mappilai (groom) and Ponnu (bride) in Tamil. 

The bride is wearing a silk yellow saree that features mandala patterns on the blouse and saree. Couples must wear auspicious colours. While red is usually the preferred colour, it is not a must. Yellow often comes a close second favourite amongst the elders as it is considered an auspicious colour. 

The bride is wearing a patakam jewellery and bagles. Generally, they also wear extensive head decorations but It’s been painted under my reimagined human series and hence there’s no head ornaments or hair. 

The groom is wearing a Jippa/ Kurta that usually matches a colour on the bride’s saree. The kurta usually features embroidery. He would also be wearing a Veshti/ dhoti on the bottom half. 

 Size : 20x28
Wedding series: Xing Niang, Xing Liang

The Chinese couple are called Xing Niang (bride) and Xing Liang (groom) which means new bride and groom. 

The Chinese are quite particular about colours and superstition. Hence only the auspicious red colour is used for weddings as it represents the ancient worship of fire which can ward of evil spirits. It also represents happiness and good luck.

The Bride is wearing a cheongsam or qipao with dragon motifs. The dragon on her represents power, strength and good luck in chinese symbolism.  

He is wearing a #samfu which features the shou symbol which represents longevity and is one of the five blessings in Chinese belief. 

Size : 20x28

Wedding series: Pengantin

This is a series on Malaysian couples in their wedding attire. The painting of the Malay couple, features certain aspects of the Malay wedding culture. It’s been painted under my reimagined human series. 

They usually wear the same colours and materials. In this case both are wearing the Malay silk songket embroidery. Songket embroidery usually features geometric patterns. 

The guy is wearing a baju silang, a type of baju melayu only seen during weddings nowadays. She is wearing a kebaya songket. 

She is also wearing the kerongsang jewellery often worn with the kebaya. The guy is wearing the wedding chain as well. The pattern of the jewellery was the most common worn by the men. 

Another thing I've captured is the kiss to the forehead embrace that is often the first public show of intimacy by married Malay couples. 

Size : 20x28


So what do you see?

Can you see the tiger? Or do you see an owl? Try first and then Google a tiger image and look again :) 

See if you can find the two hidden owls. 

 Size : 24x18 

Hold me close

Size : 40x28
 #indianart #love #couplelove  #
Shiva Shakti the eternal dance

To me shiva and parvathi are the eternal lovers. He did burn down a city to avenge her, that is how deep his love for her is. 

So I wanted to show them in an embrace dancing, as his utracha Mala and her jewellery dances in tune to them. 

Also if you're upset about how close they are, let me point out to you that before the British took over India, the sculptures of our temples were similar and actually there are many sculptures at temples depicting conjugal union of Shiva and parvathi. 

Here their lips are touching but it is not a kiss yet. It is a pose that is seen usually when the dancers are a couple. The intimacy of eternal love. 

 Size : 30x30 

#vissyarts #acrylicpainting #acrylicart #painting #painters #indianart #malaysianart #artmalaysia 
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Dancing Malaysia

Dancing Malaysia is a colourful representation of Malaysians under my reimagined human series. Each dancer is featured in their traditional clothes with hand gestures of their dance style. 

The Chinese lady is wearing a Cheongsam with the dragon design, while the Indian lady is in a saree filled with embroidery. 

The Malay lady is wearing a kebaya and batik sarong. 

I’ve painted the Iban costume to represent Sarawak and the Kadazan Dusun costume to represent Sabah. To me Malaysia is symbolised by its people and this is how I see my country. 

Why are they blue and green? 

Well I've already reimagined them, so they don't need to have skin tone colours. 

Size : 27 x 39

by Visithra Manikam

#vissyarts #acrylicpainting #acrylicart #painting #painters #indianart #malaysianart #artmalaysia 
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Earth Goddess

Question - is she entwined in vines or chained in the vines of nature? What is your perspective? 

The women in my art are mostly dark skinned and usually with curly hair. There are very few #darkskin art out there for dark skinned South Indian people like me to relate to and so that's why my people and goddesses are all dark skinned. #unfairandlovely 

The flower motifs are done in the #batikstyle. And required thousands of dots since this is a large piece with a 1.22m height. Don't ask me how many dots, but each leaf took about 12 dots so imagine that.
At one point I was cursing myself for deciding to do batik motifs but it really added to the painting. 

I wanted to portray another less painted body shape as well - the #plussizewomen. And that is how she was born. 

This art drew a lot of attention from people while it was exhibitted in Publika. People could relate to her and found her calming. For she is at peace with her self, she is one with herself and nothings going to stop her parade.

So like her, I hope you find the ability to love yourself and be the confident, beautiful women you all are. 


Size : 1.22m x 0.91m

by Visithra Manikam

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#doodles #mandala #kolam #rangoli #indianart #batik #indianwomen #darkskin #unfairandlovely #darkskinwomen 
Mahisasura Mardini

And She is Mahisasura Mardini,  the vanquisher of mahisasuran
I've done her in the style of the devi that resides in Kolkata -  where #durgapuja Is most famous at.  #kolkatadurgapuja 

Navarathri has always been my most important festival. So I'm quite happy this came out so well.
Ps: If you look carefully, the bottom looks like a buffalo and an owl :) 

Size : 24x30
By Visithra Manikam 

#vissyarts #acrylicpainting #acrylicart #painting #painters #indianar #malaysianart #artmalaysia 
#doodles #mandala #kolam #rangoli #indianart #indianwomen #darkskin #unfairandlovely #darkskinwomen